Lemon Juice Cold-Pressed, Organic (Village Juicery)

Lemon Juice, Freshly-Squeezed (Organic - 410mL)

Village Juicery
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Freshly-squeezed lemon juice for your morning water or evening tea.

Rich in Folate.

High in Vitamin C.

We recommend consuming within: 20 days

Village Juicery is a local producer of fresh certified organic cold pressed juice and plant-based foods. Founded in 2014, Village Juicery is committed to offering fresh, nutrient dense food in the region.

Dedicated to sustainability, Village Juicery supports local farmers and purchases produce directly from local farmers whenever the season permits. With several key ingredients produced in Ontario all year around, Village Juicery believes in community and continues to make sustainability their top priority.

This product travelled 19.5 km to reach our warehouse.