100km Foods Charcuterie & Cheese Box

100km Foods Market Box - Charcuterie & Cheese

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Back again this week with a fresh new selection of all local charcuterie, cheeses & jelly. The perfect box for a date night in.

For the week of June 27th -30th, your box includes:

1 x "Morning Mist" Brie Sheep Cheese (250g) , Gunn's Hill
1 x "Casey" Blue Cow's Milk Cheese (200g wedge) , Thornloe
1 x "Queen Bee" Golden Blyth's Gouda-Style Mead Soaked Cheese ( 364G) , Blyth
1 x Shortbread Parmesan & Rosemary (110g) , Provisions Food Company
1 x Lonzino, Pork (50g - Sliced) , La Cultura Salumi
1 x Dry Hot Salami , Wageners
1 x Spicy Tomato Jam (250ml) , Manning Canning

Last week's charcuterie & cheese box featured: 

1 x Artisinal Brie, Cow's Milk Cheese Wheel (230g) , Gunn's Hill
1 x "Dark Side of the Moo" Beer Soaked Swiss Style Cow's Milk Cheese (170g wedge) , Gunn's Hill
1 x "Krueger Blue" Guernsey Cow's Milk Cheese (200g Wedge) , The Udder Way
1 x Shortbread Blue Cheese & Fig (110g) , Provisions Food Company
1 x Capocollo, Pork (Sliced - 50g) , La Cultura Salumi
1 x Mild, Mini Turkey Pepperoni (300g) , Wageners
1 x Jelly Red Pepper (125ml) , Provisions Food Company