The Market is closed for ordering for delivery this week as we chat with our farmers about availability for next week. The Market will reopen Friday at 12pm this week for orders for next week.


Pulse Week

We've teamed up with one of our fantastic producers and fellow B Corp, Tiffinday, to highlight the power of pulses week!

Some of you might be asking, "what is a pulse?"

Pulses are the edible seed of certain plants in the legume family, like dried peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas. They are a staple in the diet of millions of people all over South Asia. 

Pulses have the power to help feed a planet with billions of people while keeping our carbon footprint in check. Not to mention they are also packed with protein, fibre, and several other essential nutrients.

Let’s learn about this true SUPERFOOD together this week. No matter what your dietary style is, you can eat delicious food and help our planet if you "Take Your Pulse" once a week.

Next Friday, November 12th, 3 fun things will happen:

  • You can take our Pulse Week Challenge on our IG stories to see how much you’ve learned this week
  • All 4 flavours of Tiffinday go on sale for $1 off each jar
  • PLUS for every jar you buy during the week of November 5th-November 11th, you could win one of 10 free jars and one of 2 recipe kits

Make sure to follow along pulse week on our Instagram @themarketat100kmfoods to learn more about the power of pulses and participate in our Pulse Week Challenge at the end of the week to see how much you’ve learned!