Nigari Tofu, Organic (Ying Ying Soyfood)

Tofu, Nigari Firm Organic (300g)

Ying Ying Soyfood
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Ying Ying's Soy Foods' Nigari Firm Tofu is the best traditional plain tofu you'll ever taste! Their Nigari tofu is hand-made and hand-coagulated in small batches in the traditional way, as it was done for more than 2000 years, using the original coagulant, Nigari. 

Nigari is derived from the sea, and has been used in tofu making since its origin. Nigari is chemically known as Magnesium Chloride, an essential mineral for heart health and bone health. Today's main-stream tofu is mostly made with Calcium Sulphate, also known as gypsum, as it is extremely cheap and fits mass production but lacks the nutritional benefits of Nigari 

Ying Ying Soyfood is a small family-owned and operated artisan tofu producer that has been proudly serving Canadians with the cleanest and best tasting tofu products since 2001. Ying Ying Soyfood uses no chemical additives to reflect their belief that food needs to be pure and clean. They also only use Certified Organic, Non-GMO soybeans grown in Ontario.

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