Organic Mushrooms, Enoki (Enviro Mushroom)

Mushroom, Enoki Organic (100g)

Enviro Mushroom Farm
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These organic Enoki mushrooms are from Enviro Mushroom. Enoki mushrooms are long, thin, white mushroom that are a popular ingredient for soups, especially in Japanese cuisine, but are also delicious in salads and other dishes!

Founded by Ben Park, who emigrated from Korea, Enviro Mushroom is a a 150,000 sq foot facility growing over 3 million pounds of mushrooms yearly! 

Enviro Mushrooms is certified organic, and their mushrooms are grown in a sterilized organic culture (as opposed to manure) and employ high tech computer programming and stringent sanitary standards to ensure the mushrooms are free from contaminants. 

Enviro puts a high priority on constant innovation, and is one of the only mushroom facilities of it’s kind in Canada.

This product travelled 56.4 km to reach our warehouse.