Casey Blue Cheese (Thornloe Cheese)

Cheese, Casey Blue Cheese (~180g)

Thornloe Cheese
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Semi-soft cow's milk cheese, flakey texture with intense blue/green marbling and robust, bold taste. 42% moisture, 28% fat. Made with milk, bacterial culture, penicilium roqueforti, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme, salt. Aged 6 weeks. Great for melting on sirloin or lamb burgers, grilled steaks. Also works well on tasting boards, best paired with craft beers with crisp and earthy flavours. 

Thornloe Cheese Co. is proudly owned by farmers and operates with family values in the heart of the Temiskaming Valley, Ontario. Thornloe is a 100% Canadian, 100% farmer-owned company. 

This product travelled 499 km to reach our warehouse.