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100km Foods Market Box - Produce Medium

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Ideal for a household of 2-4 people, this box contains an assortment of local fruits and vegetables (Based on availability and subject to substitutions. Products may change daily). 

For the week of June 27th -30th, your box includes:

1x Farmers Choice Greens - Spicy Salad Greens Mix (Organic - 141g) , The New Farm
1x Kale, Green (Organic - Bunch) , Zephyr Organics
1x Sweet Bell Peppers (Mixed - 3 pack) , St. David's Hydroponics
1x Cucumber, Field (Organic ) , Zephyr Organics
1x Grape Tomato, Red (1 Pint) , Boston Springs
2x Eggplant, Graffiti , Great Lakes Greenhouses
1x Onions, Red (1lb) , Hillside Gardens
4x Potato, Yukon Gold (Large) , Thompsons Potato Farm
1x Field Rhubarb, Red (1lb) , Lennox Farms
1x Micro Arugula (50g) , GoodLeaf Farms
1x Radish, Mix (Organic - 1lb) , Cookstown Greens
1x Carrots, Multi-Colour (1.5lb bag) , Hillside Gardens
1x Chives, Garlic (Organic) , Zephyr Organics

Last week's medium produce box featured: 

1x Strawberries (Quart) , Tigchelaar
1x Asparagus (1lb - bunch) , Welsh Bros
1x Sweet Bell Peppers (Mixed - 3 pack) , St. David's Hydroponics
1x Cucumber, Mini 6pack (Great Lakes Greenhouses)
1x Grape Tomato, Mix (1 Pint) , Elmira's Own
1x Potato, Amarosa (1lb - Organic) , Cookstown Greens
1x Garlic, Green (5-stalk - bunch) , August's Harvest
1x Carrots, Jumbo (2lb) , Hillside Gardens
1x Spring Mix, Greens (142g each) , GoodLeaf
1x Swiss Chard, Rainbow (Organic) , Zephyr Organics
1x Shallots Whole (1lb) , August's Harvest
1x Garlic Scape (1lb) , Twiss Farms
1x Lettuce, Green Leaf (Organic) , Zephyr Organics