The Market is closed for ordering for delivery this week as we chat with our farmers about availability for next week. The Market will reopen Friday at 12pm this week for orders for next week.

100km Foods Charcuterie & Cheese Box

100km Foods Market Box - Charcuterie & Cheese

100km Foods Market
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Back again this week with a fresh new selection of all local charcuterie, cheeses & jelly. The perfect box for a date night in.

For the week of September 26th- 30th, your box includes:

1 x Artisinal Brie, Cow's Milk Cheese Wheel (230g) , Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese
1 x "Wild Nettle" Farmstead Premium Dutch Gouda Cheese (220g) , Mountainoak Cheese
1 x "Dark Side of the Moo" Beer Soaked Swiss Style Cow's Milk Cheese (170g wedge) , Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese
1 x Shortbread Cheddar & Thyme (110g) , Provisions Food Company
1 x Lonzino, Pork (100g) , La Cultura Salumi
1 x Genoa, Pork Salami (4 inch piece) , Wageners
1 x Jelly Red Pepper (125ml) , Provisions Food Company

Last week's charcuterie & cheese box featured: 

1 x Goat Cheese Retail Chub 113g, Mariposa Dairy
1 x Cheese "Chili Pepper" Farmstead Premium Dutch Gouda 220g, Mountainoak Cheese
1 x Cheese "Smoked Chipotle" Firm Ripened Cow's Milk 170g Wedge, Stonetown Cheese
1 x Shortbread Blue Cheese & Fig (110g) , Provisions Food Company
2 x Capocollo, Pork (100g) , La Cultura Salumi
1 x Salami Dry Hot, Wageners
1 x Jelly Bartlett Pear & Riesling Wine (125ml) , Provisions Food Company