Chorizo, Sweet Potato & Black Bean Tacos

This chorizo, sweet potato and black bean taco recipe was inspired by our lovely Accounts Payable Clerk, Alma San Roman. Alma is not only an accounting wiz but an incredible cook. She sent the team a photo of "tacos de chorizo" lunch that got us all craving chorizo tacos!

This version of tacos de chorizo features loads of Market at 100km Foods ingredients, fusing traditional Mexican cuisine with local Ontario ingredients.

Our Seed to Sausage Mexican Chorizo is paired with Pristine Gourmet black turtle beans and Round Plains sweet potato to make the taco filling. 

Topped with a flavour packed fresh chimichurri for acid and Hewitt's sour cream crema to balance the spice, this taco is a flavour bomb in the best way!

You can also easily make this recipe vegetarian by omitting the chorizo and doubling the sweet potato and beans!

We've used corn tortillas so they are gluten free, feel free to substitute flour tortillas if you prefer those.


About Our Farmers & Producers

Seed to Sausage

The amazing Mexican Chorizo that is the star of this taco recipe is from Seed to Sausage!

Seed to Sausage originally began as a hobby for owner Mike Mackenzie, while he was working for the Canadian Armed Forces as a sonar operator chasing submarines!

Eventually, Mike decided to expand from just offering his highly sought after cured meat products to family and friends. Before opening, Mike spent some time learning techniques from chefs and sausage makers in Europe.

Mike’s goal at Seed to Sausage is use local ingredients wherever possible, and with as few additives as possible. The end result: a fantastic line of cured meat and sausage products, some of the very first meat products 100km Foods decided to carry!

Best Baa Dairy

The feta cheese used to top this taco recipe is from our Best Baa Dairy, one of our many amazing Ontario cheese producers! Located in Fergus, ON, Best Baa is owned and operated by Peter and Nicole Bzikot.

Best Baa uses non-homogenized ewe's milk as the basis for most of their cheeses, all of which is sourced from within 100km of their facility!

They source milk from farmers who pasture feed their flocks in the warmer months and supply them with alfalfa hay in winter.

Their diets are not supplemented with corn or soya products. Their packaging is recyclable and BPA free.

If you haven't tried their feta cheese at The Market yet - it is a MUST try!

Best Baa Dairy

Boston Springs Farm

Another ingredient in our chimichurri are Pietro peppers from Boston Springs!

Owned and operated by Shane Macmillan and Debbie Scheeringa, Boston Spring Farms grow a variety of vegetables including hot peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and squash!

They use integrated pest management and their products are grown both in greenhouses and in the fields.

Boston Springs Farm

Pristine Gourmet

Our Ontario black turtle beans used in this recipe are from Pristine Gourmet in Norfolk, ON.

Owned and operated by Jason Persall, Pristine Gourmet follows conventional growing practices. All products are non-GMO and made with local ingredients.

In addition to their beans, they specialize in creating pure, clean, high quality oils like canola, soybean and sunflower from non-GMO seeds grown on their farm.

Pristine Gourmet

Hewitt's Dairy

The sour cream featured in the Mexican crema is from Hewitt's dairy. This sour cream is silky smooth and beautifully rich.

Founded in 1887, Hewitt’s Dairy is known for it’s high quality fluid milk and milk products, especially it’s line of goat dairy products.

Round Plains Plantation

The sweetest sweet potato growers around! 

Round Plains Plantation strives to produce Ontario grown sweet potatoes of excellence in quality, taste and health benefits.

Their crops are grown without the use of herbicides or insecticides, and no waxes or fungicides are used in the washing or packaging of products. Just natural Canadian sweet potato goodness for you!

Round Plains Plantation

Niagara Vinegar

Niagara Vinegar is based in St. Catharines and is part of Hernder Estate Wines and use a very straight forward fermentation process to create their vinegars!

Their chardonnay white wine vinegar is used in the chimichurri in this recipe!

August's Harvest

Our local garlic, also used in the chimichurri, is from August's Harvest.

August’s Harvest is now one of the largest commercial garlic growers in Ontario. 

Vancouver Island Sea Salt

Our amazing sea salt is from Vancouver Island Salt Co. and is sustainably produced and hand harvested in small batches.

Vancouver Island Sea Salt is completely natural with over 30 trace minerals intact, meaning that none of the additives or chemicals that are commonly found in mass-produced sea salts a difference you can taste!

Hillside Garden

Lastly, Our red onions are from Hillside Gardens, a fourth generation family farm and processing facility, and are one of the bigger farms we work with at 750 acres.

They were early adopters of the Local Food Plus program and place a high value on sustainability and innovation. Hillside utilizes a robust traceability program and has worked with other farms on similar programs - all so that farms can improve operations, safety standards and food quality.

Hillside Gardens


Most of the ingredients you'll need for this recipe can be found at the Market! 

For the Tacos

For the Chimichurri

For the Crema

To Garnish


Cook Your Soaked Black Beans

This takes the most time to make so it's best to get them going as soon as possible. Pre-soaked black beans take about an hour to cook on the stove. 

Add your soaked beans to a pot and fill with cold water 2 inches above the beans. Bring the beans to a boil, reduce the heat and let simmer for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. 

To Make the Chimichurri

In the meantime, finely chop your parsely, garlic, and pietro pepper and add them to a bowl. Mix in all your remaining ingredients for the chimichurri and allow to sit for at least 5-10 minutes so that all the flavours meld together.

The longer you let it sit, the more flavour development you will get so get this going as soon as you start your beans!

To Make the Crema

Mix together all the ingredients for the crema in a bowl until combined. Set aside.

To Make the Taco Filling

On medium heat, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a large skillet or cast iron skillet.

Once the oil is hot, add your cubed sweet potato, and salt. Stir so that all of the sweet potato cubes are coated with oil. Continue to cook on medium heat, stirring occasionally until the sweet potato starts to soften. This should take about 4-5 minutes.

Next, cut a little slit in the Seed to Sausage Mexican Chorizo sausages to extract the inside meat. Make a well in the middle of the sweet potato by pushing them to the edges of the pan and add the chorizo to the skillet. Using a wooden spoon, break apart the chorizo into bite sized pieces and let brown for about 5 minutes.

Once the chorizo browns, stir in the sweet potatoes from the edge of the pan. 

Next, add your cooked black beans to the mixture and stir to combine with the chorizo and sweet potato. Use a wooden spoon to mash the black beans and sweet potato slightly for a better binding together texture. Cook for another 2-4 minutes. 

Assemble Your Tacos

In a skillet with a little butter, heat your corn tortilla by frying it lightly on both sides until slightly golden. 

Scoop a portion of your filling into your warm tortilla. Pour a spoonful of the chimichurri over the filling, sprinkle with chopped red onion, feta cheese, chopped cilantro and drizzle with crema.

Repeat until you've made as many tacos and you can eat and serve immediately!

Did You Try This Recipe?

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