The New Farm



Creemore, ON



Owned By:

Gillian Flies & Brent Preston 


  • Beets
  • Cucumbers
  • Greens
  • Lettuce


June - October

Growing Practices:

The New Farm is Certified Organic and follows a negative carbon, regenerative farming practices.

Producer Website:


Over a decade ago, Brent and Gil decided to take a step back from jobs in Toronto to realize their dream of running a successful farm.

Brent and Gil have established a profitable organic farm that operates within the model ‘small is beautiful.’ They only farm on only 20 acres of 100 and employ a variety of best practices to ensure soil health. They truly feel their job as farmers means they must be custodians of the land and leave it better than how they found it. One way they know they’re on the right track: local bird populations were near extinct when they first began farming on that land. Nowadays, the farm is home to over one hundred bird nests!

Brent and Gil also do tremendous work in fundraising and food advocacy, working closely with Community Food Centres Canada to raise thousands of dollars in funding yearly though their events such as Grow For the Stop and farm dinner series with chef partners.