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Cookstown Greens

Cookstown Greens Cookstown Greens



Essa, ON



Owned By:

The Ffrench Family


  • Variety of Vegetables
  • Greens
  • Seedlings
  • Edible Flowers


  • Year round for microgreens
  • May-October for leafy greens, seasonal produce & root storage crops

Growing Practices:

Cookstown Greens is certified organic and has spent years identifying the varieties that they can grow the best, and that produce outstanding flavours. They seed in a specific way so that we get the perfect sized vegetable.

Producer Website:


Cookstown Greens is a family-run farm located 1 hour north of Toronto in Essa township that grows over 120 varieties of the best certified organic vegetables, greens, seedlings, garnishes and edible flowers.

They leave part of their land untouched and use non-intensive farming methods, which contributes to Cookstown's biodiversity. Cookstown Greens consistently practices ethical and responsible standards in their farming practices.

In addition to growing organically, they also foster the development of a healthy ecosystem on their farm through a variety of methods such as green manure rotation, compost, and sub surface irrigation (this uses 30-40% less water than sprinkler methods). They also only irrigate a small portion of the time, and take much less than permitted.