Goat Milk Yogurt (Hewitt's Dairy)

Yogurt, Goat 3.5% MF 500g

Hewitt's Dairy
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This Hewitt's Goat Yogurt has a fat content is over 3.5%, creating a rich, decadent product with a smooth, full bodied texture and traditional flavour. Excellent as a fruit topping, dessert or used in baked goods!

Goat milk yogurt is a wholesome alternative to cow milk yogurt, containing more natural vitamin A and B (Vitamin B3 or Niacin is nearly double to that of cow milk). Lactose sensitive folks intolerant to cow milk yogurt often are able to consume goat milk yogurt with no adverse affect.

Ingredients: goat milk ingredients (goat milk, goat cream, goat skim milk powder), active bacterial culture.

Hewitt’s Dairy is known for it’s high quality fluid milk and milk products, especially it’s line of goat dairy products.