Peameal Bacon, Seed to Sausage

Bacon, Peameal Sliced (~400g)

Seed to Sausage
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Peameal bacon from Seed to Sausage is wet-cured pork loin that has been trimmed of fat and rolled in cornmeal to create a yellow crust. Fun fact: originally, it was rolled in crushed yellow peas, hence the name peameal! It is much leaner than regular bacon and is Gluten Free!

Seed to Sausage is based in Ottawa, ON and specializes in charcuterie, cured meats, and sausages. Mike’s goal at Seed to Sausage is use local ingredients wherever possible, and with as few additives as possible. The end result: a fantastic line of cured meat products.

This product travelled 291 km to reach our warehouse.