Miso Tofu (Ying Ying Soyfood)

Tofu, Miso Flavoured Organic (200g)

Ying Ying Soyfood
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Miso is a fermented paste that adds a salty umami flavor to any dish, commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Miso flavoured tofu from Ying Ying Soy Food is the perfect tofu to add to a stir fry, to fry up, or even eat cold! (Pro tip: if you have an air fryer, try any of Ying Ying's flavoured tofu in the air fryer, you will thank us later!)

Ying Ying Soyfood uses no chemical additives to reflect their belief that food needs to be pure and clean. They also only use Certified Organic, Non-GMO soybeans grown in Ontario.

This product travelled 34.9 km to reach our warehouse.