Peach Jam

Jam, Blushing Peach (250ml)

Fox & Forage
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Made from summer’s ripest peaches and raspberries sourced from local, Canadian farms, fields, and orchards Fox & Forage's Blushing Peach Jam truly tastes like sunshine in a jar. It is first cooked in small batches, then sweetened with sugar. 

This peach jam is a delicious addition to any slice of toast, muffin, scone, to top yogurt with or to feature in desserts!

Ingredients: Peaches, Sugar, Raspberries, Pectin, Citric Acid.

All Natural. Preservative-. Vegan-, Dairy-, Fat-, & Gluten-Free.

250 mL recyclable and reusable glass jars.

Fox & Forage uses just a small amount of pectin, a setting ingredient that is naturally found in fruit to give their jams a luscious, spreadable consistency. This also allows them to craft the jam quickly so its true flavour and colour of the local fruit used are maintained.