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Farmr's Vegan Coconut Curry (700g - Frozen)

Farmr's Vegan Coconut Curry (700g - Frozen)

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Coconut curry with chick peas, lentils & carrots.

The Story: Full of flavour, a little spicy and full of goodness, just like Auntie made it. Inspired by Farmr's chefs of Indian heritage, this dish packs protein from the chick peas and lentils, along with a richness from the all vegan coconut milk and spices. This dish is best paired with rice or naan, but it’s so good you may want to eat it on its own.

Ingredients: roasted carrots, chick peas, lentils, tomatoes, canola oil, coconut milk, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, garlic, cane sugar, tumeric, garam masala, cilantro, kashmiri chili, kosher salt, black pepper,

Heating Instructions:

Stove: From frozen or defrosted, heat in saucepot until warm.
Microwave: From frozen or defrosted, in microwave safe container, heat until warm.

Portion: 700g. Serves 2 people.

Dietaries: Vegan, vegetarian, gluten friendly, dairy free

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