Cod Fillets, Fogo Island Fish

Cod, Fillets (Pin Bone In) Frozen in "Shatter Packs" (15lb box)

Fogo Island Fish
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These cod fillets from Fogo Island Fish are frozen in boxes called "Shatter Packs". To loosen fillets, drop the frozen box on a hard floor with authority and it will cause the fillets to loosen without damage to the fish, making the fillets easy to remove from the box individually.

The Cod Thaw – Fogo Island Instructions

1) Place the fillets on a sheet with towels underneath to soak up any moisture that will accumulate.
2) Place in the fridge to slack thaw, do not cover.
3) Let the fan in the fridge help dry out the moisture while it slack thaws.
4) Let thaw under refrigeration for a minimum of 12 hours, changing the towels as needed, at least twice is recommended. The total time to thaw will depend on your fridge and the size of the fillets you are working with.
5) If preferred, scales can easily be removed from the fillet using the back of a Chefs knife.
6) We recommend leaving the skin on the cod as it helps retain the juices while cooking for a tender moist product.
7) After thawed, potion to the desired size, store in contains with more fresh towels or paper towels.

Aging!! After fish is completely thawed, leave in the fridge a further 12 hours, to properly age the fish. If you age it longer, that is even better.

Fogo Island Fish's Cod is hand lined with zero by-catch. Focused on ethical fishing methods, they have a commitment to providing the highest quality fish, setting a benchmark for everyone around them. The fish is caught locally, only 5 miles from the coast, processed within hours of being caught on the shoreline, and flash frozen to maintain peak freshness. The difference in practices is what makes Fogo Island fish the best local fish around!

This product travelled ~2858 km to reach our warehouse.