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Smoked Texas Brisket (BBQ Gourmet)

BBQ Gourmet Smoked Texas Brisket Kit, Sliced (5lb Frozen)

BBQ Gourmet
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You can now enjoy BBQ Gourmet's mouth-watering Smoked Texas Brisket at home! You will get 5lb of fully cooked, sliced smoked Texas Brisket- heating instructions included! 
15-20 portions

Kit Includes: 

- Frozen Smoked Texas Brisket Sliced 5lb 
- Amarillo BBQ Sauce
- 2 Foil Roasting Pans
- Reheating Instructions

Shelf Life: 

- Frozen brisket will last up to 6 months in freezer
- Thawed brisket will last up to 10 days in fridge
- Amarillo sauce will last up to 3 months in fridge

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