The Market is closed for ordering for delivery this week as we chat with our farmers about availability for next week. The Market will reopen Friday at 12pm this week for orders for next week.

About 100km Foods

Who We Are

100km Foods is a local food distributor in Toronto connecting restaurants and consumers with some of the freshest, high-quality ingredients Ontario has to offer. We have 1000+ local food products available year round, offering a vast selection of produce, meat, sustainable seafood, dairy, and dry goods. With our help, local farmers and producers gain access to large, urban markets, and consumers gain access to delicious, farm-fresh food!

The Market at 100km Foods Grocery Delivery Van

Prior to COVID-19, 100km Foods was exclusively a wholesale food distributor serving 500+ of Southern Ontario's top restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. We're excited to now be able to bring the same high quality Ontario products you'd find on your plate at a local restaurant, to your plate at home via our pick-up market, The Market at 100km Foods. 

We strive to foster a connection between you and the farmers and producers who grow your food and offer you complete transparency in where and who your food is coming from. This is why each product you'll find in the market is source identified by farm or producer that it came from.

Quality and freshness is also incredibly important to us. This is why all of our products are harvested to order and picked up directly from farmers by our team almost daily. This is why it is often less than 24 hours since the food was picked until it's delivered to your door! 

Locally Grown Peas Lennox Farms

Together, we're creating a robust, transparent, sustainable and viable local food economy!

Our Core Values 

Provenance: We feel a sense of connectedness with, and responsibility to, the land where we live, raise a family, and do business. We have a vested interest in knowing the story behind where our food comes from and giving back to the place that sustains us as people, and as an organization.

Integrity: 100km Foods was founded on values of fairness, transparency, sustainability, community and great food and it is through this lens that we make all our decisions. We walk the walk and say no to misaligned opportunities.

Authenticity: The force for social responsibility comes from within at 100km Foods. We are driven by our own mission and values, not the approval of others. We help establish REAL and MEANINGFUL relationships between chefs and producers, offering complete transparency about where their food comes from.

Purposefulness: We have a clear mission that has not changed since the beginning, to create a viable local food system and every action that we take is purposeful and intentional with that overarching goal in mind.

Thoughtfulness: The social mission of the company is woven into the very fibre of who we are as an organization. It is not a response to a market pressure to show corporate responsibility. Our brand, our values and our relationships are intentional and everything we do is through this lens, and for this purpose.

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