Farmstead Emmental (Stonetown Cheese)

Cheese, Farmstead Emmental (~170g)

Stonetown Cheese
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Stonetown’s Farmstead Emmental is a firm cheese that has a natural sweet, yet somehow also savoury, nutty flavour.

M.F. 33 %, Moisture 36 %, Aged 3-5 months. 

Stonetown cheeses are handcrafted alpine style cheese, low in sodium and made with fresh whole cow’s milk from their family farm. To obtain a superior taste, the milk they use is unpasteurized and additive-free. This ensures the cheese is pure, natural and of the highest quality!⁣

Their commitment to produce high quality cheese is best reflected in the care they give to their Holstein cows. They live in a clean and comfortable free stall barn, sleep year round on beach sand and enjoy feed of the best quality.

This product travelled 169 km to reach our warehouse.