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The dairy box contains all your favourite 100km Foods dairy products including local milk and cream, butter, cheese, yogurt and chocolate milk (Based on availability and subject to substitutions. Products may change daily).

For the week of October 20th - October 23rd, your box includes:

1 x Milk 2% (1L) , Harmony Organic
1 x Butter Unsalted (1lb/454g) , Alliston Creamery
1 x Yogurt Whole, over 3.3% milk fat (750g) , Hewitt's Dairy
1 x Chocolate Milk (Organic - 1L) , Harmony Organic
1 x Goat Cheese (113g) , Celebrity
1 x Ricotta Cheese (Bella Casara - 500g) , Quality Cheese

 Last week's dairy box featured: 

1 x Milk 2% (1L), Harmony Organic
1 x Golden Dawn Butter Unsalted (1lb/454g), Alliston Creamery
1 x Yogurt Whole, over 3.3% Milk Fat (750g), Hewitt's Dairy
1 x Chocolate Milk (Organic - 1L), Harmony Organic
1 x Ricotta (Bella Casara -500g), Quality Cheese
1 x White Cheese Curds (227g), Bright's Cheese and Dairy