Seasonal Produce Coming in June!

Summer is just around the corner and we're hearing more buzz from our local farmers about the exciting local seasonal goodness that will be coming in to season during the month of June! So, we thought we'd share a little sneak peak of all the exciting fresh local produce that you can look forward to coming to The Market during the month of June.

As we hear more from our farmers about upcoming produce availability during the month of June, we'll continue to add to this list! 

Strawberries (Tigchelaar Berry Farm)

One of the most eagerly anticipated products, we are excited to announce that our Ontario strawberries are finally here! Soft, perfectly sweet and vibrant red in colour, our Ontario strawberries are sourced from Tigchelaar Berry Farms in Vineland run by brother Dan and Jeff Tigchelaar.

Dan and Jeff’s parents, Rick and Anne Tigchelaar, started growing strawberries in Ontario back in the mid-1960s. In fact, they were one of the first farms to offer “pick your own” strawberries in the area (which they still offer today!). 

Growing up on the farm, Dan and Jeff learned the importance of working together, as a family and as a farm, and how to build and grow a successful farming business. Eager to learn and grow, Dan and Jeff took a special interest in day-neutral strawberries and studied how other growers were able to extend their growing season outside of the traditional June season.

In the early 1990’s, Tigchelaar Berry Farms, Inc. officially became the life and work of Dan and Jeff and their wives and families. They continued to grow strawberries in Binbrook, as well as apples and pick your own vegetables.

But it was their passion for growing strawberries that led the Tigchelaars to purchase their first farm in Vineland, Ontario in 1994 and over the last 20 years, they've expanded their strawberry tradition, planting and replanting strawberry fields in the lovely Niagara region.

These strawberries are typically in season from June to September but you can enjoy these local strawberries year round if you plan ahead! Stock up on these beauties while they're in season and freeze them or use them to make jams and preserves so that you can enjoy their farm-fresh flavour year round.

Salad Greens (The New Farm)

The New Farm is a certified organic family farm located on the crest of the Niagara Escarpment just west of the village of Creemore, owned and operated by Gillian Flies and Brent Preston.  

In addition to the Spicy Salad Mix we got in this week from the New Farm, there are more New Farm greens on their way in the month of June! We'll be eagerly awaiting their organic and regeneratively grown arugula, spring mix, baby kale and spinach. 

Regenerative agriculture is a land management system that goes beyond carbon zero. Regenerative agriculture is a carbon negative farming practice. The act of growing these greens regeneratively actually sucks carbon out of the atmosphere and captures carbon in the soil.

This in turn reduces the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and uses that carbon to grow the most flavourful, tasty salad greens for us to enjoy. A win for the planet and for our stomachs!

New Farm Greens

After testing hundreds of varieties and listening to years of feedback from chef customers, The New Farm has truly perfected their greens in terms of flavour, colour, texture and loft. All their greens come to you triple washed and ready to serve and will be available at The Market until October. 

Brent and Gil's commitment to sustainability truly guides everything they do, both on and off the farm. In addition to running their successful organic farm, Brent and Gil are fierce advocates for fighting climate change through regenerative farming.

They helped establish the Farmers For Climate Solutions, a national alliance of farmer organizations and supporters who believe that agriculture must be part of the solution to climate change.

Brent & Gil of The New Farm

Purple Mizuna (Fisherville Greenhouses) 

Fisherville Greenhouses is located in Fisherville, Ontario and run by husband and wife duo Cindy and Ron Mueller. Fisherville is a non-certified organic greenhouse that is deeply committed to sustainability, growing most of their products using organic methods, using only bio controls (beneficial insect populations) and organic sprays. 

Fisherville grows some pretty unique and incredible produce and we're excited for all the new goodies they have coming our way in June, including some purple mizuna — also known as Asian mustard greens!

Purple mizuna is a leafy vegetable that’s native to East Asia. It has deep purple, serrated leaves with thin stems and a peppery, slightly bitter flavor. While commonly grown for commercial salad mixes, it can also be enjoyed cooked or pickled!

Purple Mizuna

Japanese Salad Turnips (Fisherville Greenhouses) 

Also from Fisherville, we'll be bringing in some (adorable) Japanese salad turnips! Japanese salad turnips, also known as Hakurei turnips are tender, sweet, and juicy baby turnips that can be eaten raw or cooked. They have a mild, fresh taste, with hints of nutty, sweet, earthy flavors.

Hakurei turnips Fisherville

Napa (Chinese) Cabbage (Fisherville Greenhouses) 

We'll also be getting some Napa cabbage, also known as Chinese cabbage, from Fisherville Greenhouses. Unlike regular round green cabbage, Napa cabbage is an oblong-shaped cabbage and it has thick, crisp stems and frilly yellow-green leaves. 

Napa cabbage is the tenderest of all cabbage varieties, and is the one that most closely resembles lettuce in both texture and appearance, making it excellent to use raw in salads, slaws, or bowls. Napa cabbage can also be enjoyed steamed, boiled, roasted, quickly stir-fried, or fermented to make kimchi!

Garlic Scapes (Fisherville)

If you've grown your own garlic before, you'll recognize these little green stalks! Garlic scapes are simply the stalks that grow from the bulbs of the garlic plant. Long, curly and deep green, garlic scapes are typically among the first produce found at spring.

Garlic Scapes Fisherville

Garlic is one of the few plants that actually has two harvests! Garlic scapes are usually harvested in the late spring and harvesting the scapes is an integral part of garlic farming and producing flavourful garlic. If the scapes aren’t harvested from the garlic plant, the plant expends its energy trying to grow its stem and flower, leaving the garlic bulb small and relatively flavourless.

So, by harvesting and enjoying garlic scapes, we’re doing our part in the garlic growing cycle! Then, later in the summer and early fall, the garlic bulbs are harvested and enjoyed.

Tarragon (Zephyr Organics)

We will also be getting in some gorgeous, fragrant organic tarragon from Zephyr in June. Tarragon is a perennial herb with long, light green leaves that is, believe it or not, a member of the sunflower family!

Zephyr Tarragon

Tarragon pairs particularly beautifully with sweet peas (coming to The Market in early July) and asparagus, which we currently have available from Welsh Bros!

Leeks (Zephyr Organics)

Our organic leeks are from Zephyr Organics and resemble a giant green onion! They are crunchy and firm when raw, and have a mild, sweet onion taste when cooked. Leeks are members of the allium family and are related to garlic, chives, shallots, and onions however, they are much more mild in flavour.

Leeks are incredibly versatile and add a beautifully unique, sweet, and mild onion flavor to a huge range of dishes. Try using these organic leeks in soups and stews, risottos and pastas, or in quiches, omelets and frittatas! 

Zephyr Leeks

Field Rhubarb (Zephyr Organics)

This organic rhubarb is from Zephyr Organics is perfect to transform into pies, jams, jellies, and more. This cool-season crop, which is perennial in many areas, is grown for its fibrous leaf stalks that can make the perfect tart treat.

This rhubarb is grown in the field, which is different from the forced rhubarb we got in late February from Lennox Farms. Forced rhubarb is "forced" to grow in heated, dark sheds without any sunlight. Field rhubarb is more tart, more fibrous, and less sweet than forced rhubarb.

Zephyr Rhubarb

Red Radishes (Zephyr Organics)

Red radishes are small, scarlet globes with a crisp and peppery, translucent, white flesh. These radishes are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed both raw and cooked. Try them raw in salads, sandwiches, slaws, or to top avocado toast, quick pickle them to add to tacos, or serve them as a side dish roasted or grilled!

Red Radish Zephyr Organics

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