Mountainoak Cheese

If you've tried their line of Mountainoak cheeses available at the Market, we don't need to tell you that Adam and Hannie Van Bergeijk really know their stuff when it comes to making Dutch Gouda.

About Mountainoak Cheese

Originally, dairy farmers from the Netherlands, Adam and Hannie became interested in cheese making at a young age and in the early 1980s, they both enrolled at an artisanal cheese making school in the Netherlands that had a 300 year history of making Gouda style cheese.

Their cheeses were incredibly popular in Holland but the two had dreams of expanding their farm. They immigrated to Canada and purchased their first dairy farm in September 1996.

Initially, the pair didn't plan to continue making cheese in Canada, wanting to focus more on raising their herd. However, as Adam and Hannie’s sons grew older and began to take over the duties of farming and caring for the dairy herd duties, Adam and Hannie reignited their passion for making artisanal Dutch goudas.

Mountainoak Cheese Gouda Wheels

Today, Adam and Hannie Van Bergeijk own and operate Mountainoak Cheese in New Hamburg, ON with the help of their son Arjo and his wife Baukje ⁠— a true family business! Fitting too, as the name ‘Mountainoak’ is derived from the Van Bergeijk last name which translates to English as “from the mountain oak.”

Mountainoak's Cheese Making Process

Adam and Hannie both believe that the way you treat and feed your cows gets paid back to you in the milk they produce ⁠— a philosophy they put into practice at Mountainoak.

Mountainoak grows, feeds and cares for their dairy herd of over 400 dairy cows on 325 hectares of land. They transform the high quality milk they produce yearly to turn into their delicious Dutch Gouda cheeses.

Adam Van Bergeijk with his herd

They are deeply involved in every step of the production process to ensure that their milk has as much flavour as possible, a difference you can truly taste in the flavour of the Gouda's they produce.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Adam and Hannie have also implemented practices over the years to ensure the environmental sustainability of their farm. Their source of fresh water for their cheese production comes from a well, requiring softening and reverse osmosis to make it suitable for cheese making. 

They have also reduced their overall water use by 25-30% and are currently evaluating more ways to increase water collection, such as recycling rainwater, in order to further reduce their carbon footprint.

The Market at 100km Foods' Mountainoak Must-Tries!

You can't go wrong with any of Mountainoak's line of Dutch Goudas as many of their cheese varieties are award winning!

If you're a fan of aged cheeses, their Farmstead Gold Dutch Gouda is a multi-award winning, flavourful 18 month aged Gouda. It has hints of butterscotch and caramel with a firm texture and mild saltiness.

Farmstead Gold Dutch Gouda (Mountainoak)

Their Black Truffle Dutch Gouda is aromatic with a flavour that sets it apart from all other Mountainoak Cheeses. A must-try for any truffle lover!

Black Truffle Gouda (Mountainoak)

Lastly, for a cheese with a bit of a bite, try their Chili Pepper Dutch Gouda. This Gouda is a smooth and creamy with a hint of a bite on the finish. Nothing to be afraid of, just the right amount of heat!

Chili Pepper Gouda (Mountainoak)

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