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Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese

Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese is a small, artisanal dairy nestled in the hills of Woodstock, Ontario. Owned and operated by cheesemaker Shep Ysselstein, Gunn's Hill crafts artisanal small-batch cheeses made with a marked Swiss influence. 

Shep's family has been farming in the Woodstock region since the 1950s and Shep still sources all the milk used in Gunn's Hill's line of cheeses from his family farm.

Here's a little glimpse inside Gunn's Hill cheesemaking process!

The Market at 100km Foods Gunn's Hill Must-Tries!

If you're a big fan of brie, you've got to try their "Brigid's Brie", a soft cow's milk, surface ripened cheese. This brie is made with no stabilizers or preservatives, so rather than being sold with a "best before date" it's sold with a "best between" date, developing more flavour as it ages. 

Gunn's Hill Brigid's Brie

Gunn's Hill's "Five Brothers" cheese is a mix between an Appenzeller and a Gouda and is aged 8 months on cedar wood planks with a creamy texture, rich flavour and slightly sweet overtones.

Gunn's Hill Five Brothers

Lastly, named after the village in Switzerland where Shep studied cheese making, Gunn's Hill's "Handeck" swiss-style cow's milk cheese is aged on cedar planks, yielding a gorgeous, robust, slightly nutty flavour. It is one of our most popular cheese with our chef customers and sure to be a crowd favourite on your next cheese board!

Gunn's Hill Handeck

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